Friday, December 7, 2012

Solar City New Town: Review

Yesterday I reviewed the preparation of the Project Report of Solar City in New Town. The draft report will be ready by January. I advised that there should be a component in the Report that Solar  Photovoltaic Panels may be placed over the canals of New Town including Bagjola Khal, Link Canal, Periphery Canal etc. This will protect the canal water from pollution and give us enough space to generate green energy through the solar panels on the canals.
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  1. This is awesome actually !!! :-)

    This , I think, is the first step in making a sustainable city. Thanks Sir.

    This is what has been done over the canals in Gujrat and DVC is planning to generate 1000 MW of green solar power over its canal network of around 3000 km.

    Can we have an estimate in draft report how much power we are targeting to generate? This can be a good revenue source for HIDCO as well.

    Also cant we include Kestopur canal for this plan?
    Also can we think of having solar panels and rain water harvesting for ground water recharge in the different apartment complex in New Town and neighbour hood areas?

    Rain water harvesting has been made compulsory for the new buildings in Bangalore now a days because of the falling water table.

  2. Hello sir,
    it s very nice experience to get the updates from you regarding so many developments happening in bengal.I just thought to bring few concerns to your notice.

    kolkata is going to get an international terminal soon and it is going to change the perception about kolkata.But the concern is the vip road is not at all of that standard and once someone comes out of the airport perceptuon will get changed by the mess.Do you have any plan to chang le the
    conditon of this important road, at least upto haldiram as most of the vehichles take rajarhat ?Bangalore,hyderabad all having international standard con
    nectivity to their airport.Kolkata badly need this.I think the both lanes of vip road in this strech should be made of 5 lane in each side.Also for the traffic mess in kaikhali a new flyover can be built.Also the old/unplanned buildings should be removed and in those places good looking bulidingd with modern glass facade should be built on both side of vip road with international standard median beautification.Eager to listen from you that what are yiur thoughts regarding this.yyiu
    this.I thik in both side a

  3. Traffic dispersal from the New Airport Terminal is indeed recognised as an issue that needs serious planning. Preliminary talks have begun

    1. Hope VIP Road gets a total facelift at least through this initiative. Currently its dirty, polluted as well as congested. On top of that , the main corridor for entrance to the city does not even have a footpath.

  4. Sir,

    I think you might have gone through this article.

    In this case, can New Town follow the footsteps of Howrah to make solar system a mandatory norm for new buildings in New Town all its neighbouring areas and to monitor the new buildings, especially highrises and commercial and residential complexes, to check if they have installed the solar system in accordance with the building plans submitted by them to HIDCO.

    If we can get this solar system connected with the grid and get the subscibers some discount in case they contribute to the grid, I think that can act as a catalyst for early adoption.

  5. along with Solar panel we could make water harvesting mandatory for buildings in New Town. As all are pumping up water from under ground and in future it could be a big danger, if it is not checked early.