Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prakriti Tirtha

Eco Park was inaugurated today afternoon by Hon'ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee this afternoon. The Eco Park was named "Eco Tourism Park (Prakriti Tirtha)" by CM today. Here is a photo:
At Rabi Aranya, Eco Park (Prakiti Tirtha)
(Photo courtesy Chandana Roy Chowdhury)
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The following three clippings appeared on Sunday's Papers:
(a) In Anandabazar:

(b) In Pratidin:
(c) In Bartaman:


  1. sir, congratulations to Madam CM and specially to YOU and your team PRKRITI TIRTHA for tunrning a marshy land into a colourfully green heaven in such a short span of time. Thanks and regards.

  2. Really fantastic. All these got delivered because of your leadership and superb execution capability. Keep it up Sir.

    You can take a look at some of the nice snaps of Eco Park here:

    I think its high time we think of developing a website for the park and arrange regular events here like what happens in Central Park, New York. In that way, this can be a prime tourism destination for Kolkata.

    In the official website of Central Park, they have an option of getting email newsletters. You can try that out. They have a series of events round the year.

    Also we need to have a couple of pubs and water scooter type of aquatic sports. That can bring good revenue for HIDCO by ensuring a steady stream of crowd.

    Was not being able to update in your blog as I am on a visit to Kolkata and was rarely logging in.

    Traveled through New Town in this visit:

    1. Landscaping on New Town MAR divider has been vastly improvised. Bamboo fencing still remains but still perhaps needs a little more upgrade from the stretch between Hidco office and City centre 2 with metal fencing in place.

    2. In EW MAR, the road is still narrow near the village. Cant we go for some out - of -court settlement in case there is some litigation?

    3. Road construction and widening is going on in full swing along EW MAR. However street lights seem to be in working condition in only a part of EW MAR and not along the entire stretch.

    4. Pathetic shape of infrastructure is visible in AA3 near Kepple Land and SP Project. Even the bridge on Bagjola Canal is a narrow iron bridge. However work is going on and perhaps we needs to fasten that up along with a new bridge.

    4. Bhojerhaat PWD Road has not improved at all. Villagers were saying that no action is going to be taken till Panchayet elections and they were eagerly waiting for the road to get upgraded and widened to a 4 lane one. They also do not want that road to remain a potholed and dusty one.

    5. New shops have came up in the intersection of EW MAR and PWD road. If we are planning to widen that road, we need to keep a check on these things.

    Sir, any progress on the road connectivity with NH34 and with Basanti Expressway from AA1 / AA3? Are those things going to get planned only after Panchayet elections?

    1. Right!

      Regarding fencing, my personal choice is neither Bamboo or Metal. Better if we go with modern wooden fencing, as used in the foreign country sides like the one in picture.. These look simple (not clumsy) and eco-friendly.

    2. This wooden fencing is really awesome.

    3. The website of Central Park along with weekly newsletters for people who are interested can be found here:

  3. Great effort. This has become reality in such short time that the government deserves a loud cheer. In addition to water sports, boating; if there is space - a driving range or a mini golf course may be very attractive. The bigwigs of the nearby financial centre could come out in between breaks to chill!!!

    1. Good suggestion. Will think of it.

    2. With a active financial centre, a mini golf course is definitely the need of the hour.